Teachers create a free online supply list that includes links to exact products on Amazon.com

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  • Each list created has a unique link that can be emailed or posted online

  • Lists can be refined and reused year after year

  • Lists items can be simple text or they can include images and links like the examples below

Top Flight Inc.
Marble Composition Book, Quad Rule, 4 Squares per Inch
$4.99 Est.

Texas Instruments
TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator
$14.45 Est.


  • Anyone can view a list without needing to create an account

  • Lists can be viewed by smart phones while shopping

  • Lists include a "Buy from Amazon" button


  • Item descriptions and images are automatically pulled from Amazon.com

  • Clicking the link for an item will open Amazon's detail page for that item

  • Parents can set the quantitites and click the Amazon button to have the items automatically added to their Amazon shopping cart